Meet our 2016-17 Wisc. Champion, Ayden, Who Was Born Extremely Premature


Ayden entered this world at 25 weeks gestation weighing only 14 ounces. He was roughly the size of a dollar bill and had to fight for each breath.

It was 10 excruciating weeks before Ayden’s mother held him for the first time. It was nine months before he graduated from tube feeding and had his first bottle. And it was 515 days before Ayden was able to go home, though he still required around-the-clock care from specially trained nurses.

His early life entrance affected not only his size, but his eyes, lungs and heart as well. Eye and hernia surgeries, a feeding tube placement and a tracheostomy, along with occupational, speech and physical therapies have each helped immensely.

Now, Ayden is doing quite well. Described as friendly and outgoing, Ayden is known for greeting his classmates by name as he walks down the hall. He has an incredible memory, loves music and dancing and, if it was up to him, he’d always be outside.


How donations helped Ayden at Ministry Saint Joseph Children’s Hospital:  

Donations helped Ayden’s intensive care nurses become certified as an essential home-care group that provided around-the-clock care once he was finally discharged. CMN Hospitals funds also provided a wheelchair that could hold Ayden and the oxygen, ventilator and feeding tubes he depended on.

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